Issuance List (Domestic)

Domestic Issuance List

In 2014, the Development Bank of Japan issued the first Green Bond for EUR250 million in Japan. Issuances by municipalities and companies in 2017 followed one after another. The following are major issuance cases by Japanese companies.

Major Green Bond issuance cases in Japan
Issuer Date of issuance Issuance amount Use of proceeds Coupon Redemption
Mitsubishi UFJ FG September 2016 JPY500 million Renewable energy project and others 2.527% 7 years
January 2018 EUR500 million Projects for renewable energy and others 0.68% 5 years
Mitsubishi UFJ Lease April 2018 JPY10 billion Solar power generation projects 0.18% 5 years
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation October 2015 USD500 million Renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects 2.45% 5 years
Sumitomo Mitsui FG October 2017 EUR500 million Renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects 0.934% 7 years
Mizuho FG October 2017 EUR500 million Renewable energy, pollution prevention and management, etc. 0.956% 7 years
Japan Development Bank October 2014 EUR250 million Loan for green buildings 0.25% 3 years
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government October 2017 JPY5 billion (for institutional investors) Environmental projects for Olympic-related facilities, smart energy city development, adaptation to climate change impact (measures on medium and small rivers, etc.), greening as a part of park development, etc. 0.02% 5 years
October 2017 JPY5 billion (for institutional investors) 0.982% 30 years
December 2017 AUS117 million (for individuals) 2.55% 5 years
Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency November 2017 JPY20 billion Project promoting urban railway convenience (Kanagawa eastern district line) 0.23% 10 years
February 2018 JPY24.5 billion 0.63% 20 years
Nomura Research Institute September 2016 JPY10 billion Purchasing energy saving buildings, etc. 0.25% 10 years
Toda Corporation December 2017 JPY10 billion Construction of floating offshore wind power generation facilities (Goto City, Nagasaki) 0.27% 5 years
NYK Line Scheduled for May 2018 JPY10 billion LNG carriers, ship facilities considering biodiversity, equipment for removing sulfur from marine engine exhaust gas 0.21% 5 years
  • As of April 2018
  • Source: Created by the Ministry of the Environment based on Websites of the issuers