Registration System
of Green Bond Issuance Supporters

For the implementation of subsidy projects, the Ministry of the Environment has established a system for announcing the issuance supporters on the “Platform for promoting Green Bond issuance,” and issuance supporters who have already registered (registered issuance supporters) are deemed as eligible for subsidies.

Eligible Applicants

Entities with a sufficient structure and issuance support menus in place for implementing Green Bond issuance support work and with a base in Japan such as offices or contact point at business partners.


  1. Green Bond structuring division
  2. Green Bond consulting division
  3. External review division

Register separately for each division. *Registration for both 2,3 is possible.

Registration Criteria

Registration criteria items
Common criteria Stable management, compliance management structure, project execution structure,
knowledge and experiences related to Green Bond, efforts toward environmentally conscious management,
Criteria by division Green Bonds
Structuring division
Green Bonds
Consulting division
External review division
Experience of issuance support work,
Green Bond consulting capability and knowledge
Experience of issuance support work
Rationale for expense estimate,
Capability and knowledge to check compliance with guidelines
Experience of issuance support work
Rationale for expense estimate,

Registration requirements - details


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Registration Services, Green Bond Issuance Promotion Platform
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