Financial Support Programme
for Green Bond Issuance (Subsidy Project)

Subsidies will be provided for the expenses that are required by those who support companies, municipalities and other bodies who seek to issue Green Bonds, in the form of granting external reviews, consultation on establishing a Green Bond framework, etc.


Registration System of Green Bond Issuance Supporters

  1. Issuance supporters apply for registration.
  2. Registration application to be examined based on the registration criteria.
  3. Registration decision, notification.
    The registration decision will be held every month and will be announced on this website.
  4. Registered issuance supporters are listed on this website.

Financial Support Programme for Green Bond Issuance

  1. Registered issuance supporters apply for the subsidy.
  2. The registered issuance supporters accept the contract with the issuers and create an issuance support plan.
  3. Each of the registered issuance supporters applies for the subsidy.
  4. Applications are reviewed.
  5. Decisions are made regarding the subsidy.

    Application and approval for changes are made as necessary.

  6. Performance to be reported after project completion or at the end of the fiscal year.
  7. Subsidy amount fixed.
  8. Subsidy granted (payable to the cost actually incurred project)