Financial Support Programme
for Green Bond Issuance (Subsidy Project)

Subsidies will be provided for the expenses that are required by those who support companies, municipalities and other bodies who seek to issue Green Bonds, in the form of granting external reviews, consultation on establishing a Green Bond framework, etc.

Eligibility Criteria of a Green Bond

Use of Proceeds

A Green Project that meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Contributes mainly to domestic decarbonization (renewable energy, energy efficiency, etc.)

    • Projects for which equal to or more than half of the procured amount, or equal to or more than half of the number of projects is domestic decarbonization-related project.
  2. Has high decarbonization and effects on vitalization of local economy.

    • Decarbonization effects
      Those whose subsidy amount per ton of domestic CO2 reduction is less than the specified amount.
    • effects on vitalization of local economy
      Projects that are expected to contribute to effects on vitalization of local economy as part of the ordinance and plan, etc. decided by the municipality, projects for which investment by municipalities can be anticipated, etc.


Companies, municipalities, etc. based in Japan.


Yen-denominated/foreign currency denomination, foreign bonds/domestic bonds, public offering bonds/private placements


The Green Bond Principles, ASEAN Green Bond Standard, Climate Bonds Standard, etc. can be selected for external review compliance, etc according to the issuing market and the investor group, in addition to the Green Bond Guidelines.
However, it is necessary for compliance with the Green Bond Guidelines to be confirmed by an external review organization before issuance.